D2 2379 – the wear resistant tool steel

D2 2379 is a well accepted choice when it comes to tool steels. This steel grade is marked by its extremely high wear resistance that makes it perfect for manufacturing long running tools without causing abrasion. The alloying composition of D2 2379 is the major determinant of its wear resistance and its carburization is well guarded during the cooling process so prevent the undesirable attributes that reduce its versatility as for tools development. Virat Special Steels is the leading manufacturer and exporter of D2 2379 steel grade and offers its products in different shapes and dimensions to suit the enterprising demands of the clients. To get detailed information on D2 2379 steel, visit the website
Why D2 2379 is best suited for wear resistant tooling?
D2 2379 is a high Chromium, high Carbon tool steel which is tough enough to make cold work tools. The Chromium content in D2 2379 is 12% that is much higher than other steel grades used for hot work applications. Su…

Endurance and High Resistance of H13 Hot Work Steel from Virat Special Steel

It is said that steel is the base of this modern day civilization. It is the only material, which is literally inevitable in everyone's life. The demand for this material is streamed from its unique features actually. Iron is a tough material but it can be converted under high thermal pressure. On the other hand, steel is not any fundamental material but an alloy that has many different features as individual material. Virat Special Steel ( India) is one of the best manufacturers and stockiest of the hot work steel of different ranges. H13 (Din 2344)is one of the high-grade hot work steels, which has high demand in the industrial market.
Virat Special Steel manufactures H13 (Din 2344 / Skd61) hot work steel that is marked with several outstanding features, which have cited its high demand in the market.
§This AISI H13hot work steel is the alloy of Chromium, Molybdenum and Vanadium materials. The features of each of the materials endow the hard aspect of the alloy. §Its best ability c…

Tool Steels 1

Tools steels is a sub matrix that includes alloys developed with the objective of achieving high level of toughness, wear resistance and heat tolerance. These three attributes define the demands of tooling applications and need to be balanced as per usage orientation in different enterprising ambiences. A tool is in constant motion against a substrate that is being processed through it. This necessarily involves the ‘impact’ dimension and it means the factors of wear and heat generation would be prominent. Toughness and strength are the other challenging dimensions that are sought as per requirement of tooling application. While wear resistance as an attribute is directly determined by toughness, heat tolerance is gained by manipulating the thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient of the tool steel.
Virat Steel Special Steels is a leading manufacturer, stockiest and exporter of different tool steel grades and caters to enterprising clients through customized products that are fi…

The Reasons Behind Extra Toughness and Endurance in Micro Fine Steel KDA1 with Respect to H13

Nobody can deny the contribution of steel as the most important element of building the modern world. Today's world is especially dependent on industries, which provide multiple luxuries to people in different ways. Actually, there no such sphere of this modern world, where there is no touch of steel. To provide a high quality of this product, you need to have dedicated manufacturers, who pay keen attention to its resistance power and other qualities that have made it useful to the customers.
Virat Special Steel is one of those eminent manufacturers of micro fine steel KDA1, which is the upgraded version of H13, hot work steel. KDA1 has all the features of KDA. It is pure, strong, clean and most importantly; it is processed through the micro fine procedure that enriches its purity and endurance power.
KDA1 from Virat Special Steel is marked with extraordinary features of the fine steels. It is content wise better steel than H13 version of the hot work steel as well. Its eminent asp…

An Overall Idea on the Unique Aspects of the Cold Work Steel Din 2379

Steel is probably the most useful and inevitable material in the foundation of modern day civilization. It is not a natural one but an alloy but it has several forms to be used in several ways. Heat and cold are two extreme conditions that happen to determine the capacity of the work in the matter of workability of the steel. There are manufacturers, who are keen about producing such products of steel that can due to several conditions and fulfill their respective purposes well. Cold work steel is one of many types of steels invented in this era.
Virat Super Steel is one of the best manufacturers and stockiest of the cold work steel Din1.2379 (HCHCR- D2 / SKD11). It is the superior version of D3 / Din 2080. This superiority comes from the high levels of its contents in properties.
This product Din 1.2379 (HCHCR- D2 / SKD11) from Virat Special Steel has certain features that make it useful to the customers-
§Din 2379 is made with high carbon and high chromium contents. §This product is ma…

The Outstanding Aspects of DIN 2714/DB6/SKT4 As One of the Best Die Block Steel

Steel is probably the material, which is the base founder of the modern era. It is also one of the best inventions of the age, which has brought about such a big change in this world. As it is an alloy it is endowed with the features of several elements that confer its unique qualities in its alloy and make it a fundamental product.
Virat Special Steel is an eminent manufacturer, stockiest and supplier of DIN 2714, which is a highly popular and recommended close forging die for die block steel. It is the upgraded version of DIN 2713 and manufactured with the greater features than this. This version is also equivalent to DB6/L6/SKT4. Therefore, it is usually mentioned as DIN 2714/DB6/L6/SKT4.
üThe unique features of DIN 2714/DB6/L6/SKT4
Virat Special Steel is such a manufacturer, which value the customer's experience a lot and it provides extra caution toward maintaining its unique qualities precisely, such as-
ØAs the die forging steel,DIN 2714/DB6/L6/SKT4 is endowed with extra toughn…

The Features and Benefits of the Newly Launched Plastic Mould Steel DIN 2738 (P20 + Ni)

Virat Special Steels are one of the best manufacturers of the DIN2738 (P20 + Ni), which is actually a kind of plastic moulded steel, especially used for the plastic injection die purposes. This manufacturer has already launched this type of injection die in the past also and that is DIN2311. But as progress is the law of nature, as well as the civilization, as well as of the business it has upgraded its features and outputs to the present version of the plastic mould steel- DIN 2738 (P20 + Ni). This form is actually supplied in a complete hardened form so that the buyers can use the product in multiple ways as per their necessities.
There are certain features in this supplied product from Virat Special Steels, and those are like the following ones- §In this version of the plastic mould steel, around 1% of nickel ingredient is increased to upgrade its hardness and polishing to a higher level. §The overall hardness is given to the product with the balanced mixture of the 280-320 HB to pro…