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Understanding The Advantages Of Using DIN 2738 Steel (P20 +Ni)

Virat Special Steels announced as the largest stockiest of DIN 2738 ( P20 + Ni) which is supposed to be an upgraded version of the plastic mold steel 2311. Just like plastic mold steel 2311, DIN 2738 is also supplied in a pre hardened condition. The most specific use of DIN 2738 is that for the purpose of making plastic injection die molds. Besides the fact that DIN 2738 is supplied in pre hardened condition, some of the other important characteristics of this steel are s follows: In the state, when the same is supplied to the customers, the level of hardness of the steel is at 280-320 HB.The nickel content in the steel increases by 0.8% – 1.5% on further hardening.This steel is micro alloyed.The best characteristic of this steel, which makes it perfect for the making of plastic injection die molds, is the fact that it is very good in machining. As a result of this, it becomes absolutely suitable for various purposes like Texturing, polishing of the outsides of various products, provid…

H13 Steel (DIN 2344) – the perfect tool steel for hot work and cold work applications

The demand for steel shows no downtrends because this alloy of iron has showcased attributes that are very demanded in the manufacturing industry. Steel has found acceptance and demand in whole range of enterprises and it is truly said that now ‘there is little bit of steel in the life of everyone’. This alloy has crept deep in the life of people and the economy. Such resonances have led to the increased brewing of steels and the objective is to develop the perfectly matching grades and types that are suitable for specific applications. This could be called as tier 3 differentiation in the segment of steels; the second tier was that of SS in the yester century. H13 (SKD61) is a specific grade of tool steel that is in high demand in various industries because of the hot and cold work capability of it. H13 Tool Steel is being actively used in drop type forgings and low pressure die casting apart from the extrusions and injection molds among others.

Very high toughness and wear resistanc…

DB6 steel – The Best Choice for Metal Forging Based Manufacturing

Steel has transformed the social economic landscape and our affinities with this alloy of iron have become more pronounced with the passage of time. These affinities could be attributed to the salient attributes that steel adores and which make it a preferred choice in multitudes of applications. We can’t even imagine some core activities without steel. No wonder, we have been passionate to gear metallurgical sciences to develop more resonant grades and standards in steel and SS. DB6 (SKT4) steel is a hot work steel that allows making best forging dies. Metals based manufacturing today forms the basis of many secondary and ancillary enterprises and they rely on steel dies. DB6 is the considered the best choice for making the toughened dies in different sizes and dimensions.
Why DB6 apt for making forging dies and molds? DB6 steel as a choice for making forging molds and dies is due to various characteristics that it has relative to other metals. It is a hot work steel and therefore all…