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VIRAT SPECIAL STEELS Pvt. Ltd.  Introduce H-13 material & Modify H13 (DIN 2344 / SKD61/ AISI H13) for the application of drop forgings, Extrusion, Pressure Die Casting etc. H13 steels belong to a family of Hot-Working Steels, a group of steel that is used to cut or shape material at high temperatures. These H-group tool steels were developed for strength and hardness during prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures. These tool steels are low carbon and moderate alloy with significant carbide content resulting in good hot hardness and toughness, coupled with fair wear resistance. The main alloy constituents of H13 are Chromium (4.75 to 5.5%); Molybdenum (1.1 to 1.75%); Vanadium (0.8 to 1.2%); and nominal volume of Nickel (only 0.3%).
While Molybdenum and Vanadium provide strength, the high Chromium content makes H13 resistant to softening when at high temperatures (red hardness). H-13 is also resilient in to shock and abrasion. It is capable of withstanding rapid cooling and not …

DB6 steel offers desirable characteristics for hot metal forging dies manufacture

Think of different interventions in the developmental history of mankind and economy and you will stumble upon a few that really changed the pace and direction of growth. Steel is one such product and it is rather a much younger sibling of the parent metal iron; while Iron Age cultures synergized the human development in different parts of world. Steel gave the impetus and desirable perfection quotient to generate viability for many innovations. No wonder, we developed a passion for this alloy of iron and are still engaged in making its specialized types like the DB6 steel. DB6 which is also known as DIN2714 in Europe, SKT4 in Japan and AISI L6 in USA is considered the perfect choice for the manufacture of closed forging dies. These dies are then used in various enterprising tasks in multiple verticals of economy.
Why DB6? DB6 gained prominence as a die making steel alloy that displays high resilience for the hot metal working that is the integral component of metal forgings. Hot molten…