DB6 steel offers desirable characteristics for hot metal forging dies manufacture

Think of different interventions in the developmental history of mankind and economy and you will stumble upon a few that really changed the pace and direction of growth. Steel is one such product and it is rather a much younger sibling of the parent metal iron; while Iron Age cultures synergized the human development in different parts of world. Steel gave the impetus and desirable perfection quotient to generate viability for many innovations. No wonder, we developed a passion for this alloy of iron and are still engaged in making its specialized types like the DB6 steel. DB6 which is also known as DIN2714 in Europe, SKT4 in Japan and AISI L6 in USA is considered the perfect choice for the manufacture of closed forging dies. These dies are then used in various enterprising tasks in multiple verticals of economy.

Why DB6?
DB6 gained prominence as a die making steel alloy that displays high resilience for the hot metal working that is the integral component of metal forgings. Hot molten metal bears extreme temperatures and this also generates possibilities for the wear and tear of the die’s inner surfaces. Unless the forging die has the bearing capacity against such high temperatures, it would lose its nature and perfection. This defeats the purpose of forging as the dimensional finesse is distorted. This in turn means that the terminal product or component that is being forged is futile; considering the high precision that has normally crept in the metallurgical engineering. DB6 (DIN2714 in Europe, AISI L6 in USA) has the high wear resistance and this makes it best for multiple forgings without any dimension distortions. Such extreme wear resistance of DB6 is derived from the specific alloying composition of it. DB6 contains chromium, nickel, vanadium and molybdenum as its integral components. These elements deliver very high level of toughness and hence capacity to resist changes under high thermal stresses that are generated during the metal forging process. The exclusive source of DB6 / 2714 / SKT4 / AISI L6 is VIRAT SPECIAL STEELS for wide range of stocks.

High demand for DB6!

DB6 has found high acceptance in the expanding economies like India and also in Europe (nomenclature as DIN2714). VIRAT SPECIAL STEELS PVT. LTD is the largest stockiest of DB6 / 2714 steel grades in world level with multiple size range. Here, the metal based dies are in high demand by the enterprises that are making whole range of metal products and components of direct and indirect use. Specialized companies offer to deliver customized DB6 dies readymade in demanded dimensions.


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