Understanding The Characteristics And Uses Of Die Steel

Die steel is made with plain steel or alloy steel. It is used for the manufacturing of tools, which can be used for multiple purposes, including cutting, stamping, shearing, punching, chipping, etc. There are many different types of die steels that are present in the market. Depending on the way, the Die Steel is manufactured, the types of die steels include:

-      Hot work Steel   : H-11, H13, DB6, P20, ( 2343, 2344, 2714, 2378)
-      Cold work steels  :  D2 , D3, O1 ( 2379 , 2080 )
-      Shock resistant and low carbon tool steel
-      High speed die steel  M2 , M35, T1
-      Plastic mold tool steel  P20 , P20 +Ni  ( 2311, 2738 )

To increase the level of hardness of tool steels, various elements with alloying properties like chromium, vanadium, molybdenum, manganese and tungsten are added to the plain or alloy steel. These added elements make the plain steel harder and gives it stable carbides.

Some of the most important and common features or characteristics of die steel are as follows:

Low Cost
The cost of these die steel is very low. Thus, it easily fits into the budget of almost everyone.

High Hardness
The plain steel or the alloy steel is passed through various processes like water treatment, air treatment, etc. to harden the same. Once the same becomes hard with addition of special alloys, it is called die steel. Therefore, being extremely hard is one of the primary features of Die steel or Tool Steel or Mould Steel.

Suitable For Tough Jobs
Since die steel is extremely hard, this property of it makes it perfect for even small jobs. When used for jobs like punching, cutting, etc., it does not crack easily.

High Resistance Power
Be it against water, heat or shock, the die steel has very high resistance power, and therefore, under these extreme conditions, there is very little wear and tear that happens to the tools made out of die tools.

The high quality die steels available in the market come in many different shapes and varieties. Some of the most commonly manufactured and exported die steel by Virat Special Steels are available in Round, Square, Flats & Ring or Disc shape.


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